About Faculty

The Faculty of Science and Technology is one of the six faculties operating within the structure of the Jan Dlugosz University from October 1, 2019. Previously, it existed under the name of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and was established with the opening of the University in 1971. The staff of the Faculty conducts research in the field of natural sciences,agriculture, technical sciences, and engineering. The Faculty consists of a complex of three buildings at Aleja Armii Krajowej 13/15 in Częstochowa, with a total area of approx. 14 000 square meters. The faculty has an auditorium for 250 people, lecture and training rooms, IT labs, and approximately sixty specialized teaching and research laboratories. In addition, the didactic process is supported by tools dedicated to e-learning, including the university e-learning platform. The Faculty employs academic staff representing a wide range of disciplines, which in turn allows for interdisciplinary research and fosters intra-faculty cooperation and is reflected in a wide, international scientific and didactic cooperation.

In 2002, the Faculty obtained the right to confer a doctoral degree in the field of physical sciences in the discipline of physics, and in 2013 it obtained the right to confer a doctoral degree in the field of chemical sciences in the discipline of chemistry. So far, several degrees have been awarded, including ones in the co-tutelle system together with the Universities of Le Mans and Reims. The Faculty coordinates education in eleven fields of first-cycle studies, six fields of second-cycle studies, and two fields of third-cycle studies. These are fields of general academic and practical education. The Faculty also conducts dual studies as an innovative form of education carried out in close cooperation with partners representing the industrial environment. An important part of the didactic process is the participation of students in professional internships and internships carried out by the Faculty's partners representing the labor market. The Faculty also has a wide range of postgraduate studies, courses, and training.
The faculty proposes classic fields of study and dynamically introduces new, interdisciplinary fields of study to the didactic offer, responding to the current needs of the labor market and the expectations of young people looking for fields of study following the development of modern civilization. This policy annually encourages several hundred candidates, both from Poland and abroad, to study at the Faculty of Science and Technology.
Students of the Faculty are beneficiaries of numerous projects financed from external funds, thanks to which they expand their competences by taking part in many certified trainings and courses, as well as undergoing internships.

The Faculty of Science and Technology is one of the six Faculties within Jan Dlugosz University (JDU). JDU is a public university, with its history that traces back to 1971. At present, the University comprises 6 faculties including Faculty of Science and Technology as well as Faculty of Health Sciences. Jan Dlugosz University offers more than 50 fields of study, with bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. It offers postgraduate studies & courses and opens new fields of study accommodating the needs raised by employers and sought-after skills most requested on the marketplace. The University community is created by almost 700 academic staff who provide education to students from different corners of the country and the world.

For the last 50 years, Jan Dlugosz University has been developing rapidly and growing in strength with staff who work hard on extending and consolidating the achievements of the University. JDU is involved in popularisation of education in its various forms among elderly people. About 650 students - retired members of our community attend different courses of study offered by the University of the Third Age.
Cooperation with foreign academic centres is an important element of recognition and classification of JDU. So far, the authorities of JDU have concluded multiple agreements concerning collaboration with different centres of science and research worldwide. The cooperation has resulted in exchange programmes for students and academic staff. The results of the implementation of numerous bilateral agreements and jointly finance research projects are applied in practice by both civil engineering and military industries. Academic authorities of our Alma Mater closely watch the political and social transformations taking place in Poland and in Europe, especially the fast-changing demands of the labour market, which is a crucial factor in tailoring the educational offer of the University. Thus, the academics of JDU introduce new systems of education, and cooperation with foreign educational centres, not only with member states of the European Union, but also with states outside the Union, e.g. in Eastern Europe.

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