10.05.2022: Radiochemistry - Application to [18F]FDOPA synthesis

Prelegent: prof. Patrice Marchand (Institut Pluridsciplinaire Hubert Curien, CNRS-University of Strasbourg, Francja)

Temat: Radiochemistry - Application to [18F]FDOPA synthesis


Radiochemistry is nothing more than the perfect (if possible) wedding of Radioactivity and Chemistry. But as in all wedding, that goes on since 40 years, challenges are remaining and specially when dealing with short life isotopes that have to be applied at a clinical level.

Fluorine-18 is one of the most used isotopes (and also my favorite one) for pre-clinical and clinical imaging. The technique is the most sensitive so far and is used for diagnosis, follow-up of therapy but also eligibility to some treatments.

Using the history of [18F]-FDOPA, I will illustrate some of the recent progress in Radiochemistry. Despite what seems to be a simple approach we will see that it remains a lot to learn and to explain from the chemists and that the story is not yet finished!

Data i godzina: 10.05.2022 (wtorek), godzina 12:00

Miejsce: aula AB-1023