25.05.2021: Anti Helicobacter pylori activity of medicinal plants

Prelegent: dr Koula Doukani reprezentującej Ibn Khaldoun University (Algeria).

Temat:  Anti Helicobacter pylori activity of medicinal plants  


The bacterial pathogen Helicobacter pylori colonizes in over half of the world’s population. The infection with this bacterium is an important cause of peptic ulcer disease and eradication of this organism greatly reduces the recurrence rate of ulcers. H. pylori also can cause chronic gastritis and gastric cancer inducing inflammatory responses and pathological changes in the gastric microenvironment. The growing problem of antibiotic resistance by the organism demands the search for novel candidates from plant-based sources.

In the recent drug technology, medicinal plants are suggested as repositories for novel synthetic substances. They have been studied and promoted as alternative or additional strategies for treatment of H. pylori infection.

In conclusion, many medicinal plant products possess anti-H. pylori activity as well as an anti-H. pylori-induced gastric inflammatory effect. Those plant products have showed great potential as pharmaceutical candidates for H. pylori eradication and H. pylori induced related gastric disease prevention.

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